Since 2008, the Global Programme has been active and provided assistance on rule of law and human rights in over 50 countries, territories, and regions. The current operational phase of the Global Programme began in January 2017. This section provides an overview of our financial support mobilized and delivered in 2019, as well as over the lifetime of the Global Programme. Further, this section provides an overview of the country/territory project allocations made as well as the 2019 budget for programme and policy work undertaken by UNDP’s Rule of Law, Justice, Security, and Human Rights team with detailed activities that were delivered (both globally and at the country/territory level). We are thankful to our partners for their sustained investments in the Global Programme and look forward to future engagement in 2020 and beyond.

Investing in the Global Focal Point for Rule of Law (GFP)

  • Funding Allocated to the GFP in 2019: $9,369,699

  • Funding Allocated to the GFP since the start of Global Programme Phase III in 2016: $20,534,431